Musicians (Sher o Naghash)
  Sher O Naghash Released :Jan 2013

Circo Café invited more than 15 Musicians to participate in the recording to create an amalgam of various styles. To name a few:

Babak Razavi: Vocals on all songs, Guitar Rhythms, Guitar arpeggios on “ Sher o Naghash”
Ali Kamali: Bass on all songs, Electric Guitar on “Badeban”, “Mara Yadat Hast” and “ Navdoon”
Arash Sobhani: Guitar Solo on “Sher o Naghash” 
Gabrielle: Vocals on “Forgotten Memories” and “ Mr. Clown”
Mohammad Talani: Electric Guitars on “Mr. Clown”
Shahrouz Molaei: Drums on “Navdoon”
Sina Salimi: Vocals on  “Badeban” and “ Sher o Naghash”
Parichehr Mafi: Backup Vocal on “Badeban”
Mark Pezzelato: Drums on “Badeban”